Privacy Policy


Bet you are ready to read about all the weirdos we share your very personal info with. Turns out we don’t. We use to collect your reservation info because they keep it way more secure than we could. We use to collect credit card data because they are way better at it than we are. They are responsible for how they deal with your info. The info they expose to us stops with us. We do not sell your data. At all. Your stay with us is private. We don’t even confirm who is staying with us if someone calls. If they call and ask for you, we tell the caller that we do not have an internal phone system and they should call you directly.

All that to say, your stay with us is private within the control we have of your information. We trust and, but if they betray that trust that is on them.

By the by, Michael is terrible with names. He may not even be able to confirm that he has met you 10 minutes after you check in. How cool is that? Staying with us is just short of going into witness protection!